this was my submission to the CBC McLuhan contest.  interesting story, it was initially rejected, then accepted though not shortlisted and ultimately didn’t win and was eventually removed from the Gallery still on the CBC site as of this posting.  in about a day and a half it received just under 200 views, other clips had a day or 10 days head start.  it was created using all creative commons clips designated with the remix license and the music was used with permission from peter swanson.  incidentally the second place winner (ipad2) for cbc contest began their clip with copyright material, so there you go, you follow the rules and you don’t even get to participate, the whole time my clip was online it had an asterix explaining the submission still hadn’t been deemed as within the rules and regulations of the contest.  the rule i broke was that the submission was accepted after the contest was over, which of course, out of my power and then i followed the rules and lose to someone who doesn’t. not bitter, just observent. or vant, not sure.  last note, the submissions in general were technically proficient, though propping up a generic 60s reaction retrieved for the 21st century without update, in other words a misunderstood idealization of the McLuhan’s catchphrases and the ease to connect them into the world today, leaving very little understanding about the man himself, which I strove to express. 

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